Frequently Asked Questions


Dinners for Winners deliver nationwide 

If you placed your order before 9:00 AM on Friday you will receive your meals to Kilkenny & Waterford on Sunday. We use DPD to provide nationwide delivery every Tuesday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM ,you will receive a message from DPD on Tuesday with the estimated delivery time 

Please note we do not have control over your delivery time and it is not possible to request a specific time as it depends on your driver’s route for that day Please be patient with us as their delivery times may vary on week to week due to increased demand on the Courier service as a result of COVID-19 

If you know in advance we can deliver to a neighbor or an alternative address nearby, if you require any special delivery request put them in the comment box at the checkout page. 

Our boxes are tamper proof and temperature controlled to ensure cool temperatures lasting up to 48 hours 

 No. We deliver as normal over Bank Holidays 

If you have an issue with your order , please call us on 087 422 2344 or email within 24 hours of your delivery. 

Please provide photos of any issues you may have so we can look after you straight away 


No, you are not tied into any contract with Dinners for Winners . 

We offer a subscription service to all our customers to make life as easy as possible, so that you don’t need to remember to place an order each week 

You can pause/adjust your subscription anytime before the next renewal day. 

Your order renews exactly every 7 days from when you first sign up. For example, if you place an order at 2pm on Tuesday, your renewal will always be 2pm each Tuesday. 

If you need us to change your renewal day/time after you place an order please let us know by emailing 

If you have paused your subscription, and you’d like to re-active it, just follow this quick guide. 

Activating your subscription only takes 2 minutes. 

  •        Sign in
  •        Click into your account
  •        Click “My Orders”
  •        Click “View” on your active subscription
  •        Click “Activate”

Your subscription is now re-activated. 

If you are going on holidays, or you just don’t need meals next week, you can pause your subscription. 

Pausing your subscription only takes 2 minutes. 

  •        Sign in
  •        Click into your account
  •        Click into your orders
  •        Click “view” on your subscription
  •        Click “pause”

Your subscription is now paused. 

If you wish to cancel, please pause your subscription as shown above, then send a cancellation request from the same page you pause your subscription on. 

Pausing your subscription suspends the account indefinitely, we recommend this over cancelling, as you can easily come back any time to re-activate. 

Your Meals

If you have allergies or there are certain foods you cannot eat for either medical or personal reasons we advise choosing our Meal Builder option. This way you have full control over your own menu and can ensure you are receiving meals you can 100% enjoy. 

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with your meals. We urge you to use caution when ordering Dinners for Winners meals  as some of our meals contain common allergens such as nuts, dairy, egg and wheat. 

If you suffer from food allergies and are in any way unsure please contact us ahead of time as we are happy to address any questions you may have on 

If you look at our menu, each meal’s individual ingredients are available to view so you can check before ordering which ones are suitable. All ingredients will also be listed on the packaging of your meal when you receive your delivery. 


If you would like some guidance on which plan best fits your needs you can schedule a call with our in-house nutritional adviser. Send an email to to arrange a call or you can phone us at 087 422 2344 


Our meals are labelled with special instructions 


We recommend freezing meals after 5 days. Salads and some breakfast options are not suitable for freezing. Ensure that frozen meals are defrosted overnight before consumption. 

We do not freeze any of our meals internally and every meal leaves our kitchen freshly cooked. 

Our black containers are recyclable when washed out. The plastic film should be disposed of in general waste. 

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