Get Lean Plan

Get lean with this perfectly tailored plan. Designed to fuel your body to gain lean muscle mass. Each meal is high in protein, moderate in carbs and fats. Healthy tasty cooked meals delivered to your door.

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We recommend you choose a 6 day plan with a snack to keep you on track.

Balance is key so enjoy a day off to rest and stay motivated for another week ahead.

This plan is perfect for you
if you want:

  • Meat, fish and a variety of foods
  • Great results
  • Food options that change weekly
  • Balanced meals selected by us
  • To save money & time with a pre-picked plan

This plan is NOT for you
if you:

    • don’t like certain foods
    • have food intolerances or allergies

If you want to get lean then this is the plan for you.

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