Chia Chocolate Mousse

This low carb breakfast is full of nut & seed goodness with chia seeds, coconut oil, almond milk, peanut butter & of course dark chocolate. We added a scoop of vanilla whey protein to keep you going until lunch.

Allergens: milk, soy, oats, (gluten), almonds, peanuts

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Black beans are a staple of South American cuisine, whether cooked up with rice or in a feijoada (a smoky meat stew). This satisfying chicken chowder is just amazing, it ticks all the taste buds.

Our super tasty Christmas dinner! We make our stuffing from scratch and we use the very best turkey and lean ham to create this protein packed festive dinner. Happy Christmas and enjoy!!

This soup is healthy, hearty and loaded with vegetables. Served with wholemeal spaghetti, our low carb option is served with courgette.

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