Fudge Brownie

These chocolate fudge brownies are some of the best we have ever created! Amazing texture, melt in your mouth, the perfect healthy treat.

Allergens: Nuts

More delicious & healthy options from our menu

Beef Bolognese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese. It’s a D4W favourite! Served with wholemeal spaghetti (complex carbohydrate for slow release of energy). Low Carb Option served with fresh spiralled courgetti

Classic and always wonderful. Juicy baked chicken thigh and breast makes the perfect weeknight dinner. Served with a baked potato, steamed carrots , cauliflower cheese & broccoli. Low carb option without potato

We use our D4W spice mix to create this dish. Its packed full of vegetables, topped with almonds to give it that crunch. It’s  served with a cooling yogurt dip!

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