Apple Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are set overnight and infused with our homemade apple compote. These oats will have running to the kitchen for breakfast! Protein with the perfect carb kick to get you going for the day.

Allergens: Oats(gluten), Yoghurt (milk)

Beef Bolognese & Carrot Pasta

This meals packs a lot of good clean protein. We don't use pasta but substitute in our locally sourced carrots to bulk it up. Carb light and fully of goodness!

Allergens: Cheese (milk), Celery

Lean Green Chicken

Our chicken breasts are marinated overnight in a citrus dressing served on a swede mash with broccoli. You guys will love this according to chef George!!

Allergens: Fish

Layered Strawberry Granola

We make our granola from scratch in D4W. It consists of Greek Yoghurt, strawberry compote layered with our granola topping. A breakfast delight!

Allergens: Oats (gluten), Yoghurt (milk), Almonds (nuts).

Chicken Korma

A rich and creamy but super healthy korma D4W style! Its mildly spiced and full of flavour.

Allergens: Mustard, Celery

Chicken & Vegetable Pie

We just love our Chicken pie! Full of nutrients from all the veg, lower in carbs and hugely satisfying. An excellent source of protein, this is an ideal meal for all the family!

Allergens: Butter (milk), Cream (milk)

Spinach & Bacon Breakfast Kick Start

Our breakfast bake is packed full with protein and goodness. Its an ideal morning kickstart and perfect for those days when you are not as active due to it's lower carbohydrate content.

Allergens: Eggs, Cheese (milk),Sulphites.

Beef Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is as comforting as it gets. Our seriously tasty version has a mashed swede topping, so it is perfectly healthy and tastes amazing!

Allergens: celery, milk

Turkey Satay

This is our healthy D4W version on the takeaway favourite. Its coconut based with peanuts and chilli. Its served with braised rice.

Allergens: Peanuts, soya, mustard

Bircher Muesli

This delicious breakfast combines oats, fresh apple juice, nuts and seeds to add that extra crunch. It's a good source of protein along with been an ideal ready-to-go breakfast. Enjoy!

Allergens: Oats (gluten), Yoghurt (milk), Almonds (nuts), Walnuts (nuts).

Panang Chicken Curry

This is our signature peanut based curry. This aromatic warm mild spicy sauce is made from scratch by George & the team! Its low fat, full of flavour and a kitchen favourite. Trust us and try it for yourself!

Allergens: Peanut (nuts), Mustard, Celery.

Carrot Fish Pie

This is a fish pie with a twist. We use the very best carrots as our topping which comes from Hughes farm in Kells. We love using local produce in our meals! Good quality protein and omega -3 fatty acids make sure this meal ticks all the boxes.

Allergens: Fish, Cream (milk), Celery.

Blueberry Overnight Oats

Our oats are a revelation if you are on the move and need a fast super healthy tasty breakfast. Topped with our blueberry compote it's also an excellent source of fibre.

Allergens: Oats (gluten), Milk, Yoghurt (milk)

Chicken & Bacon Pie

We serve our pie in a secret D4W healthy cream based sauce with braised leeks, baked chicken fillet & steamed bacon. This is combined with cheese & herb drop scones all made fresh in house by chef George and the team!

Allergens: Cream (milk), Celery, Sulphites, Wheat (gluten), Cheddar (milk).

Beef Lasagne

In our classic lasagne, we use lean beef, loaded with veggies and sheets of courgettes and we top it off with a wonderful creamy sauce. Tasty and great!

Allergens: Milk, Celery

Falafel Wrap

These vegan falafel wrap is packed full of colour, flavour and nutrients! We make our D4W falafels from scratch, they are just perfection! A perfect super healthy plant based lunch!

Allergens: gluten), celery, sesame.

Spanish Veggie Paella

A little bit of Spain right here in Kilkenny! Instead of a traditional paella we use chargrilled veggies and beans!

Allergens: Sulphites, Walnuts (nuts), Celery, Soya

Plant Based Bolognese

Our delicious plant based bolognese has all the goodness of a pasta with a chunky, “meaty” marinara sauce, but made entirely of vegetables and lentils. Full of garden-fresh goodness!

Allergens: wheat (gluten)

Sweet Potato & Bean Stew

This tomato based stew with chunky roasted sweet potato, carrots and swede with a protein kick from our beans. The perfect plant based dish!"

Allergens: Celery

Moroccan Tagine

This tagine is low fat, bursting with vitamins minerals and antioxidants!

Allergens: Mustard, Celery, Almonds (nuts)

Veggie Korma

A rich and creamy plant based version of our korma. Its mildly spiced and full of flavour, cooked from scratch in our kitchen!

Allergens: Mustard, Celery

Peanut Butter & Honey Bites

Oats, peanut butter, peanuts and honey are combined to make these beautiful balls of goodness! They are so yummy you will be hiding them from all of the family!

Allergens: Peanuts, oats(gluten)

D4W Flapjack

These are a fantastic healthy snack to get you over that mid morning or mid afternoon slump! We think this is our best snack yet in D4W.

Allergens: Oats (gluten).

Energy Bar

Sandra our snack and pastry chef is going down a bomb with her new snacks! This is one of her specialities. The perfect energy kick with that mid morning or mid afternoon cup of green tea!

Allergens: Almonds (nuts), Walnuts (nuts), Sorbic acid.

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